How To Create A User

This topic describes the process of adding a user in Wyman Data Web App. As an administrator, you might create a new user account when a facilitator or coordinator joins the program. Follow the instructions below to add a new user to the system.

Group facilitators include teachers, guidance personnel, or youth workers who have been trained to facilitate the discussions outlined in the curriculum.

Step 1 - Access the "Manage Users" Window

  1. Select "Manage Users" under the "Manage Partner Network" menu.image001.png
  2. Click on the "Add User" button located in the upper right hand corner.image003.png
  3. The "Manage Users" window opens.image005.png

Step 2 - Select a User Type

  1. Select one of the following user types (job positions) from the pull-down menu:
    • Facilitators
    • Coordinatorsimage007.png

Step 3 - Define Login Credentials

  1. Click the "Login Credentials" title to expand the section.image009.png
  2. Fill in the following user account properties:



User Name

Type the name you want to give to the user account; the user will use it to login to the application. This field is required.


Type the user's password; the user will use it to login to the application. The password must be at least 7 characters long. This field is required.

Is Active

Active users can log in to the system using their username and password. The checkbox is selected by default. Uncheck the box in case you need to disable the user account.

Show in Directory

Select the checkbox to display the user in Directory listings. Leave the option unchecked to keep the profile out of the Directory, but still have it available on the site.


Step 4 - Add User Details

  1. Select the "User Details" title to expand the section.image013.png
  2. Fill in the following fields:



First Name

Type the user's first name. This field is required.


Enter the user's email. This field is required.

Last Name

Type the user's last name. This field is required.

Phone, Ext

Type the phone number and add the extension number if exists.

Is Trained

(Facilitator only) Check whether or not the Facilitator has completed the Training of Trainers training.

Date Trained

(Facilitator only) Enter the date of completion of the training.

Trained By

(Facilitator only) Enter the names of the trainers.



Step 5 - Select the Club

  1. Select the "Club" title to expand the section.image018.jpg
  2. Click the Plus icon next to the "Select Clubs" field.image019.png
  3. The "Select Clubs" window displays.image021.png
  4. If you remember the club name, start typing it in the search field. The found items will be listed in box under the search field.image023.png
  5. In the "Club Name" list box, select the club name.image025.png
  6. Click the arrow >> to move the highlighted item to the "Selected Club(s)" list box.image027.png
  7. Click "Done."image031.png

Step 6 - Define User Permissions

  1. Select the "Access Permissions" title to expand the section.image033.png
  2. A list of permissions displays. Permissions control parts of the application and actions available to the user. Assign permissions to users based on their job responsibilities and qualifications.  

    By default, all permissions are selected. Make sure, the appropriate checkboxes are selected for the permissions you want to apply. Uncheck items you do not want to enable for the user you are adding.

    Here is the list of permissions:

Manage Partner Network

  • Manage Entities
  • Manage Users
  • View Network

Data / Reports

  • Reports
  • Surveys
  • QA Plan
  • Data Import / Export

Club Information

  • Attendance
  • Manage Teens
  • Dashboard
  • Teen Transfer

Network Collaboration

  • Directory
  • Discussions

Support Materials

  • Resources
  • Order Materials
  • Training
  • Blogs



Step 7 - Save the User

  1. Click the "Save" button located in the right bottom corner of the window.image037.png
  2. A success message pops up. Click OK.image039.png


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