How To Create An Adaptation Club Entity

This topic describes the process of adding an Adaptation Club to Wyman Connect. Follow the instructions below to create an Adaptation Club in the system. Please keep in mind that a new club should be created for each instance of your Adaptation model.

Step 1 - Access the "Manage Entities" Window

  1. Select "Manage Entities" under the "Manage Partner Network" menu.image001.png
  2. Click on the "Add New" button located in the upper right hand corner.image003.png
  3. The "Manage Entity" window opens.image005.png

Step 2 - Enter Main Club Information

  1. Select "Club" in the "Type" menu.
  2. Type the club’s name in the “Name” box.
  3. Select the appropriate Provider in the Provider menu.image007.png

Step 3 - Enter Address Information

  1. Select the "Address Information" title to expand the section.
  2. Fill in the Club's ZIP code, and optionally specify address, phone, and website.image009.png
  3. Verify there is a check mark in the “Is Active” checkbox. Inactive Clubs will not be accessible or displayed in search results.image011.png
  4. Define a Primary Contact for the Club, if a new user is needed for the club you can click “Add New Primary Contact” and enter the new user’s information. This will create a login and password for the new user as well.

Step 4 - Enter Club Details

  1. Select the "Club Details" title to expand the section.image013.png
  2. All fields are required:
    • Club Start Date
    • Club End Date
    • Program Type – Here you would select the Adaptation option, if the option is not available to you, please contact your Partner Services representative.
    • Youth Characteristics
    • Program Year
    • Program Settingimage015.png

Step 5 - Select Facilitators

  1. Select the "Facilitators" title to expand the section.image017.png
  2. The Primary contact you selected in step 3 is automatically added here.
  3. To add more facilitators, click the Plus icon.image019.png
  4. The "Select Facilitators" window will open.
  5. If you remember the user name, start typing it in the search field. The found items will be listed in box under the search field. In the "Facilitators Name" list box, select the name. Click the arrow >> to move the highlighted item to the "Selected Facilitator(s)" list box. Once all users you want to add are in the "Selected Facilitator(s)" list box, click "Done."image021.png
  6. To create a new Facilitator, click "Add New Facilitator". Fill in the new facilitator's information.

Step 7 - Save the Club

  1. Once all properties are filled, click "Save."
  2. A success message pops up. Click OK.

Viewing Your Adaptation Club Data

Adaptation data is separated from other data in Wyman Connect, however it is still viewable via the Dashboard or Reports on a separate tab.

  1. Dashboard:

On the Dashboard page after selecting the program year you wish to view, click the “Adaptation” tab to view your Adaptation data for that year. Please keep in mind that data will only appear if you have access to that club, so your view may look different than that of your colleagues.image013.png

  1. Reports:

In the Program Type selection box on the reports page, click the Adaptation type to pull your Adaptation data into the report you’ve selected. If you have selected a club that does not contain Adaptation data the report will be blank. Please ensure that you do not specify non-adaptation Clubs with a Program Type of Adaptation selected.image015.png

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